26 MBA students take on Santiago, Chile

In January 2024, a group of Carey students traveled to Santiago, Chile for seven days as part of the Global Immersion program.

students in front of a building holding the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School flag

The Global Immersion program at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is an opportunity for full-time MBA and Flexible MBA students to gain knowledge and exposure to foreign markets and the most pressing challenges impacting international businesses.

Recently, a group of Carey’s MBA students set out to Santiago, Chile as part of the “Business in Latin America: Chile” course taught by Luis E. Quintero. As part of the experience, students collaborated with faculty from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Escuala de la Administración.

For seven days, 26 MBA students including Ali Dasouqi (MBA ’25), Angelina Shtereva (MBA/MS in Applied Economics ’24), and Christine Junod (MBA ’24) met with government agencies, corporate businesses, and academic institutions to gain firsthand knowledge centering on Latin American business trends and opportunities.

“The Chile Global Immersion highlighted the importance of foreign relations and resources for developing nations. This experience challenged me to explore my horizons and really helped strengthen my experience as a Carey student. It was an experience I will carry with me,” said Junod.

The cohort focused their time on sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and innovation across industries such as mining, forestry, and pharmaceuticals.

“[…] Learning about sustainability and innovation in Chile opened my eyes to some great practices and major challenges that both Chile and the world are facing. This experience has prepared me to feel more confident when working with people and businesses from Latin America,” said Shtereva.

In-person opportunities for online students

For online students, Global Immersion is a chance to participate in in-person experiential learning opportunities and to connect with classmates and meet your professors while developing your problem-solving skills in a real-world scenario.

“As an online student, the Chile Global Immersion made me feel like I was part of the Johns Hopkins community, as I was able to connect with other students in person,” said Shtereva.

Dasouqi added, “The experience deepened my understanding of achieving a sustainable world, and it opened doors to invaluable networking opportunities, leading to lasting friendships with professionals that will resonate throughout my lifetime.”

What is Carey’s Global Immersion program?

Carey’s Global Immersion program takes students out of the classroom and places them at the forefront of today’s most prominent business challenges. For seven days, students can travel to areas such as Chile, Germany, or the United Kingdom to collaborate with business leaders to examine particular industry problems from the business’ perspective. Students learn how businesses adapt to emerging political developments and how political outcomes can impact decisions and strategies.

Global Immersion is an intense, two-credit course with light classwork held at a university abroad. All full-time MBA and Flexible MBA students are welcome to enroll in the course. Global Immersions are typically held during the January intersession or at the end of the Summer term.


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