5 tips to build your network at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Make the most of your business school journey by building connections and establishing a professional network to set a strong foundation for your career.

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A degree is much more than just the coursework.

Knowledge and skills aren’t always enough to open doors. A strong network of industry professionals is essential. And your experience at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School positions you to build a diverse and robust network that you can continue to cultivate throughout your professional career. Regardless of whether you’re attending classes in-person or online, you will have full access to the networking opportunities that Carey offers.

Building your network at Carey means tapping into the resources and reputation of Johns Hopkins–which includes the Johns Hopkins health system. You will have access to not only the 30,000+ people in the Carey alumni network, but also the 260,000+ Johns Hopkins alumni who are willing to help grow your career.

If you’re having difficulty building your network, the Career & Life Design team is here to help you find connections and opportunities best suited to your career goals. The team can help you build your network before entering your first class. Graduate with the confidence that you took advantage of every opportunity at Carey and across Johns Hopkins.

How can you build your network at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School?

While you may not be able to explore all that Carey has to offer due to time constraints, you will find a variety of opportunities that push you out of your academic comfort zone and expand and diversify your network inside and outside of Carey.

  • Experiential learning: We know the best way to test your knowledge is to put it into practice. Our students have transformed local businesses and have traveled around the world while still earning course credit. Gain an inside perspective on what it takes to excel in an organization, participate in case competitions to develop critical business and presentation skills, or lead consulting projects and tackle real-world problems in partnership with nonprofits, start-ups, and local businesses. Our experiential learning opportunities provide an invaluable network that you can take with you throughout your professional career.
  • Student organizations: Carey has over 15 student organizations that host national conferences, speaker series, networking and social events, and more. Student organizations are a great opportunity to create new networks with your peers and industry experts while also equipping you with valuable teamwork knowledge and leadership skills. If you feel there is not currently an organization that fits your goals, Carey offers the opportunity to start your own organization. Student organizations are open to everyone and are designed to engage all students, regardless of learning modality. Explore all student organizations
  • Co-curriculars: Grow your networks and gain invaluable insights and experiences in any of our experiential co-curriculars. From participating in case competitions to working with local small businesses, our co-curriculars offer you the option to connect with businesses, executives, and industries to build connections while putting your learning to the test in a professional setting. You can also build connections with graduate students from various Johns Hopkins schools through courses and co-curriculars such as case competitions, the Commercialization Academy, or Hexcite. Explore all co-curricular opportunities
  • Faculty: Many of our alumni frequently express that they maintain connections with their professors after graduation. Developing professional relationships with our faculty in topics you’re interested in allows you to not only learn from them but also expand your expertise and grow your networks across various industries. Our small class sizes also provide the one-on-one opportunity to connect with faculty and hone your expertise. Learn more about our faculty members
  • Networking opportunities: Whether you are a full-time student in-person at one of our two locations or a fully online student, you can take advantage of our in-person and virtual networking opportunities such as events, speaker series, conferences, and more. Carey offers a variety of events, including student and alumni meet-ups across the country. These are the perfect opportunity to build connections with individuals in industries you’re interested in. Explore Carey’s networking opportunities

Upcoming Carey application deadlines

The Fall 2025 Full-time MBA application is now open. Applications for all other Fall 2025 programs will open this fall. Please visit our upcoming deadlines webpage to view all application, decision, and deposit deadlines.